10,000 steps and the gym today.

I did both my walk and the gym today. I strapped my little toe to the next one so that it wouldn’t swell up again. It has worked. I still need to go get it checked though. I just realised how much root growth I have on my hair in the gym mirrors. I blue shampooed it to take the brassiness out of the ginger. I really do need to put a colour over it to blend root regrowth so that it stops looking so blocky at the roots. I can’t even get into the car park at home tonight. Before I came out, about 10pm, there were cars double parked and four of us on the grass at the entrance. I am going to try sort it this week so the ones that shouldn’t be parked there get a fine which will put off others once word gets round. I probably won’t get far. The neighbours here in the block of flats have complained about the same issue. It has never not happened apart from during lockdown (which shows outsiders who aren’t visiting are parking there). It is getting worse than it has ever been previously. There has never been this much excess cars double parking and parking in the entrance (those of us that live here are the ones having to park on grass at entrance because of cars that don’t belong here).

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