I just can’t today, need to rest.

I had no sleep last night at all. I just can’t do anything which involves using the phone today. I am far too tired even after a few hours day sleep. I am due on monthly next week so hormones are making me grumpy and tired. I am too tired to even type today.

The inner me has changed.

I have got to the age where I am too mature to put up with various stuff. I remember my past and anyone I refuse to speak to should take a long hard look at how they treated me in the past. I suddenly can’t be bothered with forgiveness. I am not over certain things but I am done with them. I am more than prepared to tell certain people how awful they were towards me for being different. The perfect example of that is when I gave my ex friend a proper reason to hate me rather than the excuse she was making. I now deserve the hate toward me. Others who view out TikTok accounts may tell them what I said; I don’t care after how she treated me after I was kind and gave her everything.

I tried today … even though it was trying.

I swear that from the moment that I woke up today things were trying to piss me off. I got a text saying that the GP surgery was going to strike me off their service if I missed any further appointments. They warn you after missing two appointments. I will have to eat humble pie and ring them tomorrow because I have just found out that my phones sleep mode (which was on when they were supposed to call) doesn’t allow any calls to come through. I am going to have to explain and tell them I have now changed the settings. I do need to finally get my leg seen to anyway. I just made myself wash my hair after really not feeling up to it. I had to go for a walk later today because the rain was here most of the day. So yeah, I now look a complete fool and my leg is annoying me. I will have to be super apologetic to the surgery in order for them to help with it.