Sleep… can’t remember what proper sleep is anymore.

I couldn’t sleep the entire night again. I am worried about my swollen leg. That may be disturbing me. I don’t feel pain that intensely since doing child birth. Even the worst pain doesn’t feel like much to me now. Maybe that is what keeps waking me up. If the GP is still being useless there is an urgent care centre in a town about 5 miles away open from 8am to 8pm. I can drive there but if they do anything to my leg which affects how it functions I might not be able to drive home. I injured my ankle a year ago which kicked off the swelling in my leg. Then my toe kicked off 3 months ago. The swelling goes up to my thigh and lower back. I regularly feel a weird pulling sensation in the back of my knee at the top of calf. I get pins and needles in my foot several times a week. I just want to know what it is. Those centres have x ray facilities and scanners that can find the reason why it has been swollen a year. I would rather know even if it is something bad. It isn’t going to get better on it’s own at this point. I have waited for it to fix itself. I still have heat coming from my ankle that is always a bit swollen and my toe feels warm too. If they can fix it the leg will feel so much lighter and my shoes will fit properly on that foot again. The wind has kept me awake too all night because it is loud.

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