We live in such a mess right now!

I can’t even get the food that I like at the moment. That is annoying me after nearly 3 weeks. The local Asda’s don’t even have bags for the last week! I don’t know what is going on. I don’t ask for much in life nowadays but my favourite foods aren’t something I want to not have. The plant based things that I normally buy just aren’t available in any local stores. I was lucky to get goats milk this evening. Then I couldn’t get back in the car park where I live. It is getting beyond ridiculous in regard to parking here. I am going to start reporting car number plates that definitely do not live here or aren’t visiting people on this block of flats. I didn’t want to go down that route but unless cars actually start getting clamped and fined the car park will always be misused like this. If you don’t want me to report your car number plate then do not park here… simple! Then, when I was in the newsagents I overheard a conversation regarding how bad the local gp practice is being at the moment. I was supposed to have a telephone appointment the other week but I never got one despite doctor putting that she had tried my mobile 3 times. I had to rearrange it for tomorrow (hopefully the call comes this time. I am going to mention my leg. I am just hoping they do listen because I have all the symptoms of a blood clot in that leg – visible veins around my knee, cramp in my foot regularly and my ankle / toe is swollen. I had the AstraZeneca covid vaccine before some of my age group got blood clots and they got discontinued for safety reasons. I injured my ankle about the same time. They can’t just leave me with a swollen leg, calf and foot just in case?

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