I am not being active so much this week.

I don’t feel like being very active this week. I haven’t even walked in two days. I have to sort paperwork out in my flat. I am trying to find the invoice for my bed because the mattresses springs keep coming to the surface regardless of turning it over and flipping it. It gave me backache last night so I have to get it sorted. I only bought it late 2020. I have to find invoice soon otherwise time limit for guarantee will be up. I can’t afford to replace it. I shouldn’t have to anyway due to when I bought my bed. It is basically new. I have just woken up from a long nap which hasn’t really taken away how tired I was feeling. Mister (cat) has been snoozing next to me the entire day. He must be tired too because last night he was chasing the female cats of the neighbourhood (he is the worse during this season despite being neutered). I woke up to find him doing the business with another cat right outside the window. She did a runner after I went to the window and he ran after her as if to say ’no, come back’. Then he came in and fell asleep so I presume he used all his energy humping other cats. There has been several tom cats upset mimi. They keep trying to jump her. Mister also tries to do it but he gets told off if he does it where I see him. At least a few times a week Mimi comes into the window hissing at a cat that is following her and won’t take no for an answer. I know how she feels … every guy that has ever approached me I haven’t fancied and certainly would never have sex with them. They can’t get her pregnant if not neutered because she is spayed. Psychologically, I think the unwanted attention by the neighbourhood toms is starting to have an impact. She seems quite highly strung… more than usual. I have no motivation to even get out of bed today. That is going to be a struggle.

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