Early bedtime :) Factoring in potential insomnia.

I figured that with the rising cost of gas prices going to bed earlier than normal would cut down on energy usage. The electric for heated blanket is less than the gas for the boiler. Also, I have allowed for a few hours of insomnia. I know my cat is going to wake me up soon to come in from outside. He always does it when I am about to drop off to sleep. I have a 33 inch waist for the first time in two years. 42 inch hips (may have said I was 39 inch hip in error during previous post discussing sizing) and 39 inch bust (lost an inch off them). I guess the 64 miles and 36 miles walking over the last fortnight has shown results. I go the gym too. I have just gone up in weights on upper body due to my arms getting stronger. That helps get a smaller waist. I have noticed that my bum is starting to stand out more due to getting more toned, same with my top half (although I have never had an issue with that part).

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