In the news: former police chiefs death (loosely related)…

I was saddened to hear of the death of the former chief of police Leicestershire. He was one of the good ones who introduced things to improve the system so he deserves a passing tribute during this entry. There have been rumours that it was found to be suicide but I am not going into that until an official statement is made in respect for his family. I want to talk about something related to that though. I can only go into certain details because some of these things were discussed in a private conversations between myself and someone else. Their relative was a police officer at the time we were at school. They ended up with mental health issues due to what they had seen at their job. I remember a young officer saying how many suicides he had seen. It must be horrible to be in that job sometimes. There is a handful of decent officers in a cess pit of corruption. I refer to one ex officer as fat (their name) because of how her actions got me and many other vulnerable people labelled for life. Those are the types that abuse their positions. I can never forgive those types because it led to all that happened to me due to what information got entered onto the system about me. Those types do impact on everyone who does a job for the right reasons.

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