Autism Awareness month (also known as Autism Acceptance Month).

Most of my readers will know that it is Autism Awareness (Acceptance) month in April. I used to participate in it but now I don’t because of the way that not so autism friendly organisations have taken over the platform. Firstly, light it up blue is not something that most of us who are autistic support. This campaign is ran by Autism Speaks (based in the USA). They support and direct autistic people to conversion therapy techniques such as ABA. If people want to participate in the spirit of this month then join in with light it up gold (seen this done in the UK a while ago) or wear red (run by an autistic campaigner in the US). There is a vast amount of conflict between autism researchers, autism parents (yes, that type of ’autism mom’) and people who are autistic. I try to keep out of that but it can be quite difficult. That is why I stay out of everything during april, plus this month is hard for me personally due to my son’s birthday (he was adopted for new readers-due to my autism issues). I also feel like our voices get drowned out during this month so there is no point joining in.

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