Month: April 2022

  • Nightmare day. I can’t stay like this!

    I got fat because I slept during the day too much. I can’t lose weight or even gain it because of how my lifestyle has become. I got so desperate I literally asked my mum if I could move back to hers. I am fed up of this reality. I had to go to mums […]

  • I messed up again.

    I finally fell asleep this morning. I completely forgot to take medication. I just woken up about half 6 in the evening. I can’t live like this any longer. I have completely confused my body in regard to whether it is day or night. I look and feel a complete mess. Half of me doesn’t […]

  • I don’t like drinking alcohol now.

    I was fine about getting drunk at 11pm when I started drinking but I feel terrible by 4am. I had chips for an early breakfast. There are no rules about what is the normal food to have for breakfast. I haven’t slept yet but my alarm is set for lunch time. I feel hungover despite […]

  • Well today hasn’t gone to plan.

    I started today by trying to add the link to where people could nominate the blog for the mental health blog of the year 2022. Their survey monkey link wouldn’t work. I will have to email organisers to sort it out. I haven’t been able to move much today due to my bruises. I desperately […]

  • I wouldn’t recommend falling on concrete.

    The bruises that I got trying to stop myself falling over (unsuccessfully) Wednesday night are starting to come out. I feel stiff and it really hurts to move. I feel very swollen because I literally went straight down onto the concrete pavement after tripping over my lace which had came undone. The sheer force of […]