It has gone so cold!

I can’t believe how different the weather was today in comparison to how it has been. I don’t like the cold. I got wet today when I got out the car (stupid me should have put my coat on). It isn’t just that I don’t like the cold, the weather triggered aches in my hand (the one that I write with so it literally hurts to do everything). I am trying to type with the other one at the moment. It started when I was bringing in stuff from the car earlier. I couldn’t feel my fingers due to the cold outside. Then after they got warm they started to ache. I have tried hot and cold to try to stop the joints hurting. I don’t have any painkillers in because I never got any in since running out when I was using them for migraines. I don’t rely on those things for pain any longer because I know how easy it was to get hooked on them in the past. This isn’t proper pain, the ache is a dull annoying sensation that won’t go away. I am used to having clicky joints but not pain in my joints. I am hoping that sleep helps. I can hear a cat up to something… I hope that they don’t wake me up with their night zoomies and destructive hours. They will hopefully fall asleep with me because they weren’t interested in going outside.

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