Today nearly didn’t go to plan.

I finally got to the gym. I had no energy when I first woke up this morning so I thought that I weren’t even going to get stuff done at home. I had a long nap with the cats and felt ok when I woke up. I got a few things done at home, went for a walk to wake up properly and then went the gym this evening. I thought that I weren’t going to get to the gym due to people double parking in the flat car park. I don’t know why or how they thought that anyone would be unable to realise that no one could get out with two vans parked side by side at one end of the car park. I am convinced that supposed common sense isn’t actually that common. I was able to get out later after dinner as one of the vans was gone. It is getting annoying, hardly ever can I get a space at the moment. I have to park outside on the grass verge outside where I get bird poop all over my car.

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