Things affect me.

I am still not sleeping due to my ex friends actions. I was determined not to let things affect me but it isn’t that easy. It has affected me and I wish that they understood that the silent treatment isn’t helping my issues. I understood them more than most people ever have in life. I can’t take back what I did and never did it maliciously. I am the most loyal person ever. The whole situation isn’t helping my weight loss progress. The stress from it is causing bloat as well as emotionally triggered eating. I want proper sleep again because this isn’t fair on me. They aren’t suffering but merely enjoying the power trip! Why should I suffer because they want to punish me? That is such a narcissist behaviour after I told them what I went through in life and how it all affects me.

One response to “Things affect me.”

  1. I was literally just blogging about shitty ex friends today! So sorry you went through a sinilar thing.


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