I am absolutely fed up!

Rant time! You know that you all love it! Anyway, I just put my gym stuff on ready to go the gym later. The sports bra that I bought literally couldn’t fit until I squeezed my boobs into the the cup parts. I hear all those with small boobs call me ungrateful. I am not ungrateful, just been trying to reduce weight since August 2021 and that isn’t the way I have wanted to go. I also had trouble squeezing into my gym leggings which I originally got in August to start the gym. Ok it isn’t as bad as how tight they felt then but I dropped a stone from August to December / January. Then hardly anything. I was literally drinking high sugar content alcohol every single night during the period that the stone dropped off. I have got barely anywhere since I cut all that crap to once or twice a week. What the fuck? Does my body burn fat on excess sugar or something? I lost 3 pounds at Christmas when most people gain it. It makes no sense.

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