Friendly warning if the rumours are true.

I have been tipped off that my ex friend is saying horrendous things about me on her TikTok account. I have asked for proof. If I see proof (despite not wanting to see it really) I will be showing my negative bpd revenge side. The reasons why I got labelled when younger will be very much let out to play. I don’t want to do this but I can’t let them get away with talking about me to their followers either. They have their account private so not all their approved friends must be trustworthy otherwise they wouldn’t have told me. They will be downloading evidence and sending it to me because I told them if there is any shit happening behind my back I would appreciate seeing it myself. This is for my friends benefit as well as mine. It catches her out if she is being a bitch behind my back and provides no proof if she is innocent (my intuition is saying she isn’t though) of the accusations and people are trying to stir stuff.

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