I had to rest today. Stress bloat :(

I decided that I could rest today after my efforts this past week. I also got my body telling me that it wasn’t happy. I swell up around the middle when that happens. I probably need to eat more calories as I look like I have podged up again on a calorie deficit. I don’t know why I gain weight by eating not enough. I have never genetically been normal. I hear that is a common thing for many people though. Unless you balance it right then your body holds onto fat deposits. These lean fitness types are all on protein shakes etc. It is scientific and the science differs between everybody. I either need fl rest more days or increase calories otherwise there is an inner conflict which causes weight gain or weight to stay stuck. You would think that walking 60 odd miles total in a week would burn much more excess weight than it has… but it is good start that I can now get into a size 12 (which is small enough to be a size 10 but the sizing in this country is awful) jeggings that I bought a few months ago but were far too small for me. That is why I say that there was no way that they were actually a size 12. I measured them and they were a 39 (luckily I fit just due to that being my hip measurement) inch hip which isn’t a size 12, that is a 42 inches hip. Is it too much to ask for accurate standardised measurements for sizes when it comes to clothing in the UK? Some of us need to know if our curves (and fat pockets) will fit. I loved the tight figure hugging fit around the legs of the jeggings. I am only 5 ft 2 so anything that makes my legs look less short is a bonus.

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