I am not sure how it worked but I did it :)

I don’t know if it is an age thing or I have finally cracked the secret code of networking and getting the basic respect that a human deserves. I am no longer ignored as much or treated like crap. I have started sticking up for myself too rather than letting people get away with mistreating me. I am still shy and try to avoid people (hard when you live in a small area where total strangers walk up to me who read the blog) but if someone treats me bad I made myself known that I am someone they don’t mess with as well as being direct in a cryptic way so I get the authority by scaring the shit out of people (not in a bad way, the art of confusion is worth learning). An organisation that dealt with mental health locally ignored me and my input within this field for years but suddenly out of the blue I get an email saying they will include my blog in their directory. I have a writer friend doing a charity walk for them. That may also be a reason that I am getting competitive with the 60 odd miles total. I suffered afterward as I was so tired yesterday that I barely moved all day. I am back on it today but I am not walking every day this week and probably not so far. Phone battery definitely isn’t going to let me today anyway.

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