Today has been ok.

I only has about two hours sleep this morning. I did half my walk and had to go back home because I needed to be in for the light fitting to be replaced. I need to not swing things in the air because I am just too accident prone. I broke it so the letting agency would have asked me to pay for it even if I had reported it as a repair. If I break something it is only fair for me to pay for it to be fixed. The fitting was really old though so it didn’t take much to break. I shouldn’t have been flinging stuff around though. The flat is a lot less of a mess than it was previously. I might colour my hair later if I am not too tired. I got the colour weeks ago but my hair takes a while due to how thick it is. That is why the roots don’t get bleached until it is half way down my hair nowadays. I only lightened ends to put a colour on there.

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