Seriously, the way we communicate in the UK is confusing.

I have noticed several things over the last few days that could account for why autism is increasing in the uk. We make socialising so much more complex than it needs to be. They do not do certain things in any other country. For example: putting a kiss at the end of messages or posts. I got a text by a local place the other day confirming an appointment with kisses at the end and then when I said ok see you then I got 3 kisses back. I am pretty sure that I have never met this person previously. I am a new client. I am not bothered by it but that is a prime example. I never put kisses unless we are on a friends level. In the education system that is just not done to acquaintances as it is a way that lines can be blurred. However, when we leave that system we are constantly confusing things. I got blocked for being friendly to an old acquaintance today via my backup fb account. I was trying to make up for the past me when I was at college. I did a lot of things I wasn’t proud of because I was trying to hide my personal life from judgement. It is definitely a thing with people who claim to be mental health supporters… the first ones to ditch those of us who are in that category. They are completely fake and do not practice what they claim to preach whatsoever. *insert name* committed suicide yesterday(or attempted suicide – its like they did that for attention to make others feel bad for whatever). People act all shocked and like omg why? Do you al want a list of the small things others did which probably was also one of ones questioning why it happened… people cannot naturally see the way their actions or words impact on others long term. I may be autistic etc but I can even identify it… others that are supposedly normal have just learned to block off their consciousness as they get older. I still am at the age where I haven’t lost that part yet. And, before anyone starts saying I wear the same clothes all the time. Yes, I have a rotation of outfits but I assure you all that they get washed regular, I am not a tramp. I can’t wear my other clothes yet because I need to shed a few more stone.

Then I commented on my ex friends instagram (the one I am trying to act like I don’t care but it is hard because I really want to fix things and be friends again) via my backup account (had to create it to try to recover old one) page and got a thank you xxx on the comment reply. Does that mean that they have let go of the anger they felt after my stupid actions or do they not know it is me? Am i any closer to being unblocked on my main accounts or am I just hoping for yet another reunification in my life that will never happen? I don’t think anyone has ever come back into my life yet. I suppose that there is always a first time I am only mid 30s. I can’t take back trying to meddle in their life to fix issues but if I get a chance then I don’t repeat it. It came from a caring place and I was kind to them in all other areas. I am genuine and that is rare nowadays (believe me I have met so many dickheads).

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