I have felt down the last few days.

I can’t sleep again. I’m also unable to move in my bed because the cats have laid down either side of me and I am sandwiched in the middle. I didn’t have the can’t sleep issue for a while. I was feeling down the last few days even before missing my medication yesterday. I feel like I am failing in life. I barely fit into any of my clothes despite losing a bit of weight. I struggle to keep everything clean and tidy. I feel like I am just getting by. I don’t want to be awake and can’t sleep at night. I can’t drop any more weight no matter how hard I try. I literally didn’t eat most of today but when I did my stomach bloated so much it looked like I hadn’t lost weight. It doesn’t do that when I eat normally during the day. I am just fed up. I don’t progress any more… I merely just exist stuck in time.

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