Technically winning here! Personally it is a struggle today though.

I finally got back into my instagram account with help from an old friend. I will be trying to get back into my main facebook to recover the blog pages and our forced adoption page. Personally it has been a struggle today. I didn’t want to get up, forgot my antidepressants and haven’t este all day. I haven’t eaten on purpose because I have to create a larger temporary calorie deficient after alcohol consumption the last two days. If you want to overindulge in alcohol then at least breakfast and lunch is beneficial not to have the following day after a binge. I am hungry but to get back to original weight I have to go back to previous routines. I used to walk every single day, barely ever eat breakfast and only ate something for lunch while at college etc (anything that needed my brain to work properly). It is hard because I have got used to more calories but works once back in that routine.

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