Sometimes you have to be a player.

I learnt in my younger days that those who chase and look clingy don’t get into relationships that they really want. I know who I really want but I refuse to beg them. I also know that they are a shit as a human so I shouldn’t really want them. If they weren’t a shit human then they wouldn’t have walked away despite my mistake. Also, if they hadn’t been such an awful person then their relative would want something to do with them. I don’t judge but I see it from both sides. I won’t take no bullshit. I will call out any shitty behaviour that others pull on me. I have had too many shitty things done to me by others in my life. I’m going to be the biggest player ever until I know that someone else is not selfish with me. Bread crumbs are never enough. I deserve true happiness rather than being surrounded by fakeness.

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