Had a busy week, needed to be quiet due to stuff needing to be done.

I have been quieter than normal but i was sorting things out. I can’t get back into my instagram because of not remembering the password. I have managed to get into my secondary facebook account. I would just like to request that men stop sending me friends requests on facebook. It is getting annoying because I am have no sooner deleted one request, another pops up. They are all mostly asian or black names. I don’t even like men so you’re wasting your time approaching me. I have heard the line that I will go to hell for being gay. I don’t particularly care because I am probably going to hell for the stuff I did as a younger person. Also, don’t bother putting a female name on your profile to get me to accept (that previously happened to me). I don’t mind accepting people that I have met offline or people from my school days, even autism community but not random men who ’s only intention is to chat me up or message me inappropriate things. I got through some of the housework. I had to rest today after a few days of walking on a daily basis. I literally had achy legs so I had to rest today. I was averaging 8,000 steps a day this week before my iphone made me reset it. I walked about 8 miles alone yesterday (Saturday). If I haven’t lost weight this week then there is definitely something wrong. I am off to the gym tomorrow at some point.

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