Technical Issues – locked out of instagram and facebook.

I managed to get some things back after my phone forced me to reset it due to forgetting the passcode. I was only thinking the other day that I literally remember none of my passwords as all my devices were set up to go straight into all accounts without prompting me for a password. I would have been able to reset everything if my recovery email hadn’t been an old deactivated email address. I have lost all my photos and other important information on my phone. I have lost all the data for the facebook games that I play… that’s many many lost hours and some money too. I was nearly in the gold league of who wants to be a millionaire but I’d have to start again if I wanted to get there again. Maybe this is fate’s way of telling me that I spend way too much times playing games and am neglecting other things. I’m still gutted though because I was really far into all of them. I have got twitter back, that was fairly easy to recover. I managed to get tiktok back after a few failed attempts. The way these things happen with iphones are extremely annoying. They should not let the phone lock you out and force you to reset all the information. I am going to talk to other computer friends to see if they can hack their way into the accounts but I’m not that hopeful because unless they can forcibly change the passwords so that I can get back in without the recovery email access then I’m screwed in the technical sense. I will lose blog visitors too because I can’t access the pages on my main facebook. I had a secondary account but I don’t remember the details for that either… and that won’t get all my stuff back.

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