Today has been a challenge.

I had a good sleep before today started so I’m not grumpy but catching up on things I haven’t done due to being too tired is a mental battle. I had to go back home half way through my walk to put my stuff I bought from the shop in the fridge etc. It is getting a bit warm to carry milk etc on a long walk. I still forgot butter (the main thing I went out for in the first place). Oh and my headphones are breaking but new ones aren’t here yet.

It is ’that’ season for cats and mister won’t leave mimi alone. They are both fixed so they can’t cause any damage but they still get those instincts. Mimi has been up on the top of wardrobe the last week a lot so that mister leaves her alone, today he decided to go up there after her. I just told him off before I came back out.

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