Why isn’t everyone like this? More people should be like this to a point (safety permitting).

I saw something on Young Sheldon earlier. I’m not a huge fan of the depiction of an autistic person in the big bang theory (this is the character as a child) but I could relate to the scenario that he did as a child in this particular episode. He had bought someone home to watch star-trek which he had never previously met who was a fully grown male he had randomly met on the subway that day. This man in the episode looked dodgy but in reality not all questionable people look like that cannot be trusted. I am quite like this … well, less than I used to be due to experiences. I can meet someone one day and totally feel like I am connected to a complete stranger. I have done this throughout my life. It makes absolutely no sense but that is what I have been like since a young age. I adopt what others would call strangers so easily if I like them at first sight / interaction. I can feel more connected to someone that I’ve just met than others which I have known for years. I feel that more people should be like this… where it’s safe. Obviously, in some cases, there are strangers that are dangerous and should be avoided by anyone who doesn’t want to get into a potential dangerous situation that they cannot escape. I think the world would seem more friendlier if people connected with strangers easily and weren’t conditioned to be so guarded. I am quite naive though when it comes to boundaries with others. There is no perfect balance when it comes to these things.

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