I don’t know yet. I can’t answer any questions because things are upside down at the moment.

I woke up feeling really crap but managed to go for a walk. I left a lot of the housework undone so it is quite a mess at the moment. I probably won’t be able to go out tomorrow anyway due to monthly about to hit the heaviest day. I can feel it working up to that point now. I can catch up with that mess clearing mostly tomorrow if I can’t leave home in case it catches me out big time. All admin stuff will be done tomorrow too, for example: things have got to be forwarded to council regarding rent increase. I hope that I am ok tomorrow but preparing for if it performs like last month. You always need a plan in place so even of it really kicks off you can still do stuff from home even if you can’t go out the door. I am making sure that I get at least a walk done per day because it helps how it acts on the worse days. It also helps weight-loss attempts. I still have a headache and monthly pains but not as bad as when I got up. Of course, if you’re not capable of walking 5 mile walks like myself please don’t attempt it. I have done these amount of miles for a long time so quite used to it.

In regard to finding somewhere else to live. I am aware of how many flats have suddenly come up on rightmove for rent. I am working on finding somewhere else but the ones on there are either too expensive, second floor (can’t due to cats being used to ground floor), the one ground floor in my price range which has been reduced gives me dodgy vibes(think the area is questionable), heating is storage and it only has a shower (I only use a bath). I know that these sound like excuses but I assure people that this isn’t the case. If the landlord wants it back to sell soon then I will just have to move into mum’s for a bit. She also only has a shower too. I know that it sounds like an excuse but it is an autism routine thing that I don’t have time to explain at the moment.

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