I have got asked to do a video to introduce myself for some autism thing. It literally has to be there by the end of the week. On the week that I look like crap. Some of my nails have broken because my iron levels have dropped due to monthly coming on. It is barely on and already getting the symptoms. I have a cold which always makes my hair dry out (no idea why but it has always been a thing every time I get a cold). I just can’t get my hair to be anything but a matted birds nest since I washed it today. I keep feeling like my throat is swollen every so often at the moment. Mostly during night hours. I just had the most itchy skin for a while.

Mister keeps going around to the front window when I had the back window open for him. I am trying to keep the cats away from the broken glass but both of them keep going around there. The flat looks so untidy and an utter mess so I am hoping that my monthly isn’t too bad so that I can function to clear things up tomorrow. I need to try to do things. I can’t wait until I have fully got my iron levels balanced as that could take months of getting no energy episodes. I need to get rid of dust so my allergies don’t kick off.

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