Iron tablets feel like they are working.

I have perked up a lot since I started taking the iron tablets. I have already had 3 dosages and my energy is starting to slowly return. I still didn’t like getting out of bed this morning but the mess around my environment due to me being too exhausted to do things makes me feel down. I keep doing bits so it looks less bad. I made time to go to the gym after tidying and cleaning a little. I found out how to stop my toe from swelling up further. I covered the end of my foot in a bandage every time that I am going to wear footwear like shoes and trainers. Plasters don’t seem to protect enough. I don’t want to get it seen to. I am sure that if I stop it swelling anymore the actual issue will go down itself, there is just too much swelling around it for that to happen at the moment.

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