As soon as I walk out of the door it rained!

I haven’t been for a proper walk in a few days when the weather was dry and had sun in the sky. Then when I walked outside. I have walked into the undercover bit of the library just to stop the rain making my phone go haywire while typing. I can’t get in there as it is unstaffed and won’t open door. It says that it we have to be inducted. I am quite sure that I was at one point. I just am glad to get out the rain for a bit.

I picked up the latest iron tablets. I am hoping that these will not have the same side effects. I have a load of stuff to catch up with at home due to the migraine knocking me out yesterday. I have been off alcohol an entire week already! I have felt so much withdrawal effects as apparently it takes 8 days to come out of your body completely. That means that the hard part is nearly over!

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