Wiped out. I feel like I have to keep redoing things.

I have felt absolutely wiped out today. I guess that the gym knocks me out (I couldn’t do what I normally do yet due to bad toe and other health issues) quite easily at the moment. I was so stiff when I finished my session last night, especially around my hips. I normally feel the opposite. I need to be able to have the energy to do a phone call to the GP and mental health access point that I have been referred to. The GP was supposed to put me on different iron tablets but left them the same. Now I have to sort that out because the current ones don’t suit me. That is why I don’t take them because it makes monthly beyond heavy. The phone call to the other place can last up to an hour. That is really going to zap my energy. I can’t not do it. I just can’t right now.

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