The distrust of social services amongst disabled people.

This is a topic that I was going to cover at some point but after tonight’s coronation street with the social worker walking in to tell Abi to manage her expectations (in other words – lower your expectations because of how society categorises you – let’s not pretend otherwise here). This is loosely related to that as I was someone with a disability who lost their baby to social ’care’ ’help’ involvement. These things do trigger me but that is a good thing in this case because I kept forgetting to post on the topic as I keep getting extremely tired. I am obviously involved in the disabled community, met a lot of different people who have disabilities. Many of them are extremely distrustful of social care and absolutely despise social workers. I don’t particular hold them in any favour after how they made my life worse in the guise of support. I have let go of hatred at this point in my life. It is like drinking poison on a daily basis. I decided that it was doing too much harm to me. I had a conversation recently where a disabled person had been reported to safeguarding and told that team to go away they’d do without support because of previous experiences. That is a wide spread issue in the disabled community now. That shouldn’t be the case. It is potentially dangerous because people definitely aren’t going to be honest before preventable things happen. People are going to suffer due to the current culture. It is harmful to try to not have support. I have been there and ended up in all kinds of mess. I struggle to get things done nowadays because when I do get energy zapped it can be for too long. People might say that I don’t help myself by not taking iron medication but that makes my monthlies ridiculous and then I am out of action for a week every month, two if my iron stores go down a lot due to the amount of bleeding. I could barely stay awake after my last period for at least a fortnight after. I can tell the next one is going to be ridiculous too because I am feeling signs at 5 days until next one is due. There is a lot of bulk around that area which indicates that it is going to come away heavy. We can’t not rely on services sometimes and trying to cope on our own is going to be a disaster waiting to happen in many cases.

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