International Woman’s Day 2022.

I am organised to get up but still not out of bed or dressed. That is my absolute best I can do right now. I feel like I have a cold. The cats are fed so they’re happy. The back window is open in case they want to go out to go for a stroll or chase a bird (they will be in trouble if they bring it in here). They don’t seem interested at the moment. It prevents them getting bored and scratching the wallpaper which I replaced last year. They tried to start shredding bits off again. You can’t have nice things when you own cats. Their nature is to claw things. It is down to buying the thickest furniture with the most damage resistant materials. I have managed to train them when I replaced my sofa and bed. They don’t do the sofa at all, strict training regime. The only part of my bed they have done is the end corner. That is due to the fact it is hard to watch them to train when I am asleep in that room. I can’t get them out of the wallpaper shredding completely. I have stopped mister spray peeing around the flat. He has been better since changing his food and getting him treated for a urinary infection. He still can do it if he is frustrated about something, for example, when he wants to go outside and I am slower than he wants to open the window or if he feels that food has not been put down quick enough.

Anyway, it is international woman’s day so I’m going to probably use that as a reason to rest for another hour. I got up early yesterday. I still don’t feel well so it is best that I don’t try to do normal again that fast otherwise it may make me stuck in bed again unable to stay awake. I felt better for going on a walk yesterday. Fresh air and sunlight helps a lot. I still have a way to go before I feel back to normal.

One response to “International Woman’s Day 2022.”

  1. It’s okay to not be okay. And you are enough. Just as you are. Be well. 💜


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