I have held back but now I want to voice my opinion.

I have tried not to comment on the situation unfolding in Ukraine. However, too much is building in the situation for me to sit it out on silence. Putin is out of control! Legally gagging the media so that he can act without any tip offs from others to those who are targeted. Firing at one nuclear power plant was bad enough. That could have been seen as a mistake but now planning to aim for a second one is showing the intention to purposefully hit a nuclear power plant. This is no longer about claiming former territories back. There will be no land to claim back due to nuclear fallout making it too full of radiation to inhabit. The whole operation needs to be halted before it causes wide scale destruction and more deaths. Grow up and put all nuclear weapons down, that includes the ones you’re firing shells towards! I don’t get worried about ww3 etc but powerful corrupt unstable people concern me. This is not some movie (film) covering ’war games’. People are dying and trying to flee places they see as their homes. This is reality not a political game. Someone needs to take out Putin before his orders verge closer to the release of nuclear weapons. He will not stop unless he is stopped. I am a loving human being who condemns the idea of killing anyone but there is no other way to stop him.

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