I need a rest most of the day again.

I will be out of communication for most of today. I have worked out how to keep enough energy to go to the gym. I also want some peace after my cat woke me up early this morning. They are now asleep so making the most of resting myself. I didn’t sleep until late last night. I was chilling having a drink, watching tv and then watched the first episode of killing eve series 4 on iplayer.

I was quite disappointed with this series (killing eve:season 4) beginning. The last went slightly downhill but in both cases it seems to have lost its whole appeal. It isn’t the way that it was in the first 2 series. They’ve mellowed what the main character was all about. The aspects of how she came to be a cold killing machine should be covered but the flow is far too loose in relation to the plot. Even the latest series where she is trying to change just doesn’t ring true. Someone conditioned from a very young age to kill with no emotion and think like a psychopath wouldn’t suddenly want to change regardless of whether they fell in love. Psychopathic individuals do not have the desire to want to be reborn as a good person. Her inner struggle is illustrated well but the inner feelings portrayed are a little misguided. The last two series have been quite weak in comparison to the first two series. I was a huge fan from the start, my personalised number plate spells out villanelle loosely (it is what I could afford and mainly got it for the triple numbers on it). I used to be able to look like the character when I was a few stone lighter. If I am even going off the storylines then it must be getting bad. I can relate to the character too. I was an awful person for most of my life. I then try to do something good for a friend and it still got seen as bad enough to fall out with me.

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