I don’t know how I did today.

I managed to get some sleep and got to my hairdressers appointment. I picked up medication too. I honestly don’t know how I got through today. I have felt really uncomfortable since I got up. I still have slightly sore eyes. I also still have an injured little toe. That really hurts when driving putting that foot on the clutch. I am being careful. I plan to go the gym tomorrow but I am pacing myself. I still need to go otherwise I won’t lose any more weight. That is more true when my thyroid might be playing up. I have to fight it.

Being awake is unpleasant.

I woke up really early. I wanted to sleep for a few hours after breakfast but it hasn’t happened. I have really sore eyes because allergies are making them water but then they get dry. It is extremely uncomfortable. I have dry patches of skin on my face too. I can’t express how tired I am without sounding pathetic. I had a few hours sleep early this morning. I woke up and couldn’t get back to sleep. I am looking like crap but having my hair done this afternoon. I will look slightly better with that neater. I feel really rough and have to also collect my medication today before I run out. I have given myself until 1 pm (set alarm) to have another nap. I need to do so if possible to at least help my eyes not be so sore.

Some content will only be available via TikTok platform – thehumancat2021

I will be only posting cat videos on all my platforms (fb, instagram, twitter and tiktok). Most videos will be exclusively added to my TikTok account. I find this a lot more simpler to organise. I have cat fans on all my platforms and those videos do well. I post other random stuff which is more suited to TikTok than other platforms. I am not a massive fan of Fb or Instagram nowadays. I use Twitter mostly. TikTok is fun but not my favourite. I don’t feel the same way about it since I fell out with the friend I made on there. The platform has also got a lot more toxic recently, luckily I haven’t had the worst of it.