Another bed day.

I had the intentions to get up today but mentally I just don’t feel like it. I am comfortable so why move? I didn’t submit that artwork because quite honestly I didn’t like it. I cannot submit stuff that I don’t like to things. It was rushed, not properly planned and a low quality. I might submit something more planned to a future category. I woke up hungry but I don’t actually feel like eating. I found out that the GP is also booking me for an ultrasound because I cannot be referred to any kind of specialist until they find something. The last one I had came up with nothing. Then I am asked to consider taking the mini pill or having the coil. Both can help bleeding but I heard that the coil made things worse for some women. I don’t like the idea of something unnatural inside that part of me. I also want the option to have another child (very important to me as my first child got taken for adoption) at some point. Both the above options take that away. Neither of those things really address the problem. I am also being given different iron tablets again to see if they suit me better. I have been on two different ones now and both made my monthly beyond ridiculous. The self referral led to a phone call later this afternoon that I didn’t pick up due to being asleep. They want to do a phone assessment. I find it difficult to use the phone to speak due to anxiety etc. The blood test is one of those reoccurring things that I find really repetitive. It doesn’t sort anything out long term and getting there will be a nightmare. It is difficult to even get up to do housework and other everyday things at the moment.

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