I walked down to my feet appointment today. The wind was freezing! It also keeps snowing? Wtf is up with the weather? It was hot last week and now its freezing! I went to get my nails done (getting used to typing with long nails). I haven’t had them done in over 3 years. I am off for a walk before the snow starts again. I have a lot to do at home… like always I remain domestically challenged. I got behind when I got burnt out a few weeks ago.

It has gone so cold!

I can’t believe how different the weather was today in comparison to how it has been. I don’t like the cold. I got wet today when I got out the car (stupid me should have put my coat on). It isn’t just that I don’t like the cold, the weather triggered aches in my hand (the one that I write with so it literally hurts to do everything). I am trying to type with the other one at the moment. It started when I was bringing in stuff from the car earlier. I couldn’t feel my fingers due to the cold outside. Then after they got warm they started to ache. I have tried hot and cold to try to stop the joints hurting. I don’t have any painkillers in because I never got any in since running out when I was using them for migraines. I don’t rely on those things for pain any longer because I know how easy it was to get hooked on them in the past. This isn’t proper pain, the ache is a dull annoying sensation that won’t go away. I am used to having clicky joints but not pain in my joints. I am hoping that sleep helps. I can hear a cat up to something… I hope that they don’t wake me up with their night zoomies and destructive hours. They will hopefully fall asleep with me because they weren’t interested in going outside.

Resting today… well most of the day.

I ache from yesterdays gym session so badly this morning. I didn’t sleep until really late. I woke up with a sore eye. The same eye that loses eyelashes in the corners. I have allergies at the moment which doesn’t help that issue. I can rest for a while but got things to do so can’t the entire day. I am not going for a walk for the first time in weeks. I have to take car out so hoping I can get it back in because of the car park issues where I live at the moment.

Friendly warning if the rumours are true.

I have been tipped off that my ex friend is saying horrendous things about me on her TikTok account. I have asked for proof. If I see proof (despite not wanting to see it really) I will be showing my negative bpd revenge side. The reasons why I got labelled when younger will be very much let out to play. I don’t want to do this but I can’t let them get away with talking about me to their followers either. They have their account private so not all their approved friends must be trustworthy otherwise they wouldn’t have told me. They will be downloading evidence and sending it to me because I told them if there is any shit happening behind my back I would appreciate seeing it myself. This is for my friends benefit as well as mine. It catches her out if she is being a bitch behind my back and provides no proof if she is innocent (my intuition is saying she isn’t though) of the accusations and people are trying to stir stuff.

Today nearly didn’t go to plan.

I finally got to the gym. I had no energy when I first woke up this morning so I thought that I weren’t even going to get stuff done at home. I had a long nap with the cats and felt ok when I woke up. I got a few things done at home, went for a walk to wake up properly and then went the gym this evening. I thought that I weren’t going to get to the gym due to people double parking in the flat car park. I don’t know why or how they thought that anyone would be unable to realise that no one could get out with two vans parked side by side at one end of the car park. I am convinced that supposed common sense isn’t actually that common. I was able to get out later after dinner as one of the vans was gone. It is getting annoying, hardly ever can I get a space at the moment. I have to park outside on the grass verge outside where I get bird poop all over my car.