Fighting the struggle, not sure which side is winning.

I am just about to go the gym for a bit. I probably won’t do a lot as today has been one hell of a struggle. I constantly kept falling asleep. I was feeling very bloated and uncomfortable too. I am told by my app that I am supposed to be ovulating so it is probably hormonal. If any of the stuff that was making my monthly heavy last month is still hanging around its going to be an inner battle in that area. I know that I don’t do myself any favours by sleeping a lot but I couldn’t summon the energy to get up for days. I have been knocked out more days than been able to function awake. I know it isn’t helping my weight so I am trying to keep the gym sessions happening as much as possible. I was so tired earlier that I just wanted to cry. I have things to do. I have to phone the council about the latest on rent and living situation. I want to do artwork for the series of graysons art club which starts soon. Artwork doesn’t take a few hours. I take at least a week to complete my detailed stuff (my preferred style). I will try to stay at the gym for an hour minimum depending on if I am feeling ok. I didn’t eat before I went out because I just have no appetite either. I do get hungry but the key to losing weight is only eat when hunger feeling comes on, not boredom or emotional triggers. That takes practice but I finally got the hang of it.

One response to “Fighting the struggle, not sure which side is winning.”

  1. VERY brave of you to share your feelings and struggles. Sending peaceful vibes and good jujus your way. ✌


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