I managed to see daylight and get sleep today.

I am on a walk but managed to get out while it was still light despite it getting dark on my walk. I got some sleep too. That is a slight improvement. I get a message on our forced adoption page but I am not working during my me time. I got asked to share things but I like to properly check them before I post them on the page. I have housework to catch up with when I get home so it probably won’t be tonight. I don’t think that I am the only admin. I made a few people admin quite a while ago. If they would like to check the pages messages, it is in there. It would help me out a lot. I am still trying to catch up with things after being knocked out for 3 days from tiredness and insomnia. I still feel like I am fighting tiredness but I am constantly pulling myself up so that I get things done.

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