I don’t even care about seeing daylight anymore.

I was so tired the entire day and woke up tired that I no longer care about seeing daylight. I need a rest. I don’t know why I am like this but the best I can do is work around it. I have to do things when I do have some energy and sleep when I don’t. It isn’t ideal but I hate the thoughts of contacting doctors to be subjected to tests. I am really not in the mood to be poked with needles etc. I have had enough of those things in regards to all the vaccine dosages which I didn’t particularly want to have either.

Bad night again.

I have got one hell of a migraine after drinking alcohol after coming home from the gym last night. I didn’t sleep because I watched some series on Netflix. I took a painkiller for my head so hopefully it will get rid of my migraine by the time I wake up. I had breakfast so with a full stomach hopefully I will just drop off once painkiller kicks in. I cannot endorse this method of getting proper rest because it isn’t healthy. I normally fall into a very deep comfortable sleep for hours when I take a painkiller for migraine and have breakfast. I didn’t take it for that particular effect. I took it due to having a splitting migraine coming on, taking it with food stops stomach issues with IBS etc. The cats are behaving reasonably despite not being able to go out due to the rain. I should get a quiet few hours because I fed them when I got breakfast. They will probably fall asleep next to me while I sleep.