Woke up feeling sad at 3 am.

I fell asleep quite quickly but woke up at a stupid hour. 3 am! I decided to have breakfast at 4 am because I was hungry. I regret that now due to feeling bloated and uncomfortable. I had the most random dream before I woke up. I was working at computers for a Chinese woman who looked a bit like a messy version of that news reporter character from family guy. I got told off for having an account on linkedin with lots of personal dms. I was denied payment for my work. I asked if I could use a new account which I hadn’t used for personal messages. The woman was behind a screen and misheard me. Her answer was something like ’You can add me on these things but I will be busy at the bedside of my sick alcoholic mother’ and that ’you came here for love not work’. Then I was asked to chose whether I was better working day or night. Then I agreed to working the next night. That was when I woke up. The dream didn’t make sense. That dream made no sense but they aren’t always clear cut.

On the subject of love though. I am really missing how my friend made me feel when we were still talking. I need to be cheered up after the last few days. It will help me feel better if they spoke to me again. I am not trying to manipulate. It would genuinely help if they spoke to me because I need a lift after days of feeling extremely awful.

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