22/2/22 manifestations.

Ok, lets test the manifestation portal. I challenge it to prove that the energy that everyone spiritual talks about exists. Apparently, you have to write down what you want as if it has already happened. Here it goes:

  1. I have been able to stay in the flat that I currently rent for the foreseeable future after someone purchased it for the purposes of renting out.
  2. Jonny’s adoptive parents let me into his life starting letterbox contact and have arranged for a face to face meeting.
  3. I released successful artwork and wrote several books which made me a vast amount of money.
  4. I have normal periods and health problems have stopped causing me issues.
  5. Everyone that I ever wanted and lost (universe had the list) came back to me as a friend.
  6. Sam D (can’t put full names on here but the universe knows details) forgave me and we are now friends again, talking regularly and have met up a few times.
  7. Diary of A Painfully Shy Introvert blog has started getting over a million views per day!
  8. The follower count on my Tiktok thehumancat2021 sky rocked to over 30k.

These are just a few of my short term (18 months at the most) that I am putting here to see if the universe can manifest these things.

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