I actually slept last night.

I woke up this morning to a newsfeed on social media full of people saying that they hadn’t managed to sleep due to storm franklin. I actually slept well last night. I was only in bed for a short time before I was knocked out until half 6 this morning. I didn’t have alcohol for the first time in days last night. I always sleep so much better when I don’t have it due to running out. I feel more relaxed and not constantly on edge. I just don’t want to stop drinking completely. I need to work on moderation. I am really not good with moderation in general. I like excess but that trait destroys my life. Anyway, I am off back to sleep for a bit. I have spent the last hour trying to sort cats out, have breakfast and took medication. Mister is stressed at the wind sounds outside (he didn’t bat an eyelid when storm eunice went through the other day) but finally chilled out falling asleep next to me. Mimi decided to poop in the litter tray but made a mess in the process which I had to clear up. I need a rest before properly getting up.

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