I didn’t get dressed again today.

I got up to have a bath, feed the cats, eat and drink something and to change into new pjs. I just didn’t feel like getting up again today. I haven’t seen daylight in days. I have let my surroundings get a mess and I am just too tired and in pain to really do anything in the last two days. I have achy joints again so even moving one of my hands is quite uncomfortable. The other one isn’t so bad. The left one is the one that is hurting. That isn’t too bad because I write etc with right hand. I am starting to hurt more when I haven’t been moving around.

Another rest day. Unplanned but needed.

I wasn’t going to rest today. I was going to either go supermarket for a few bits or the gym. Both those things are now not happening because I don’t need enough stuff from shop to justify going out in that horrible weather. I am extremely tired due to sleep issues. I just need to take today easy. I have to clean and tidy flat when I do get up because the cats left the kitchen floor a mess with muddy paws. There is lots of bits that need vacuuming up (daily thing with cats). That is the bare minimum of what needs doing. That bin bag definitely needs to go out due to Mimi’s poop smell in there from last night. It is full and tied up, all I have to do is take out the bin bag. I hope it stops raining a little before I go out there. I don’t have painkillers in (something I needed from the shop) so I am having to put up with the aches I have in my hands and various muscles from my last gym session. I keep getting headaches too but drinking water sorts that out. I am comfy and warm which is making me feel better for now.

I am extremely unsettled.

I didn’t sleep all night again. I can’t relax. I am so unsettled! I feel like I am literally crawling out of my own skin. I have had an extremely bad night which wasn’t helped by finding cat poop on the kitchen floor this morning. They normally do it in the tray but Mimi didn’t do that this morning. I cleaned it up but that smell lingers. I hope the cat has cleaned her bum because she has came to sit on the bed now. I have a headache and all my body aches, especially the joints in my hands. I want my friend to talk to me again but I also fear them. I know that it makes no sense but that is my brain at the moment. The weather is annoying. It keeps raining so I never went out at all yesterday. I have really sore eyes. They are dry and itchy. The rest of my skin is also a bit like that. I washed my hair with that special shampoo so that is less itchy than it has been. I am just so broken in all ways at the moment. Inside my head I am screaming due to being physically uncomfortable and mentally broken.