Rest day wasn’t entirely a ‘rest’.

I barely slept last night due to my head being full if thoughts. I forgot my medication today but that didn’t cause my issues last night due to taking it yesterday. I fell asleep for most of the day because I finally got tired enough to pass out into a deep sleep for a few hours. I went for a long walk when I did wake up because the storm had gone over by that point. The cats still won’t go out because they don’t like the wind that is left over. I tried to upload some videos onto TikTok (thehumancat2021); however they were taken in the dark due to me not really being awake during daylight hours today. I don’t have the latest iphone with the night video photography capabilities so the footage taken at night is always grainy. I am feeling a lot better now that my monthly has gone back to normal. It has managed to finish at the point it was supposed to do which I didn’t expect because yesterday the indications were signalling the opposite.

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