I took my medication this morning, so I know this was real!

I had barely been awake half an hour early this morning eating my breakfast. Then something spooky happened. There is no other person living with me and the cats were no where near what occurred. Mister had been chattering to the wall last night while chilled out on the ironing board. I didn’t take a lot of notice because he does that to spiders etc. I just assumed that he could see a spider which I couldn’t. I have taken my medication so I know that what I saw was absolutely real. The way my glass of water fell off the bedside table was like it had been swiped off rather than chucked. However, where it landed was odd. All the water went in one direction and the empty glass landed in the opposite direction like it had been kicked after it fell to the floor. Has someone I know passed away recently and trying to get my attention? Have I pissed off someone who passed away recently? Or is this just a random energy (spirit) from outside that may have followed me home maybe last night? Either way I don’t really want anything else happening.

Here is the video to illustrate what I am trying to explain.

So this freaked me out a bit…
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