The storm has arrived here.

I woke up to extremely loud wind this afternoon. I briefly woke up earlier and it was calm out there with bright sun. I thought that the weather had passed over us. I was wrong. The wind before that seemed to be nothing in comparison to what woke me up later. It seems like the worse of it has gone over now but the gusts of wind still sound quite strong. I haven’t left my bed yet to check the state of outside but by what I heard it is probably a mess outside. I had some really odd dreams when I finally fell asleep after not settling the entire night. I couldn’t shut up my brain. It was just full of endless inner thoughts. I was on edge the entire night, not just due to the impending storm but my head was full of crap. I do feel stuff coming. That has happened my entire life but my thoughts were so loud with it last night. I am also constantly reminded that I am 35 this year when people are talking about the storm of 87 comparing with this one. I would be fine with my age if I felt that I had actually achieved something. I have absolutely nothing to show for all the years I have existed. I am also just really tired emotionally because my sleep is so bad at the moment.

Storm Eunice … Will it be like 1987?

There are rumours that the current storm making its way through the country is going to be similar to 1987. I was born the end of that week after the hurricane (great storm of 87) happened. I always personified as part of me. I like to make an entrance and sweep into environments in a way that no one will ever forget. I screwed that up big time several times so that it never ended up in a positive way. I was born to stand out. I am the wind baby that blew into the world due to the weather conditions leading up to when I was born. Also, technically I was what they now refer to as a rainbow baby after my parents had two previous miscarriages. That means I was born with a purpose otherwise I wouldn’t have survived either. I was never a normal child though. I was born with an allergy to baby milk so had to be given soya milk instead. I never crawled but randomly got up and walked later than expected. I have always been a little psychic intuitive (dreaming of things before they happened). I literally never ever felt like a child when I was a child’s age. I felt like my soul was an adults and was very old. I had epilepsy after a head injury. I grew out of it. I was diagnosed with asperger syndrome at 16. I was always creative, saw little details that others don’t. I can communicate with animals on a level that they understand and they are drawn to me.