Well my position still isn’t safe long term.

I spoke to the letting agent regarding the notification of rent increase yesterday. I still do not have a stable position as I am on a rolling contract which legally gives me only 8 weeks notice (2 months ) to move out if landlord makes the decision to sell to someone who isn’t buying it for purposes of renting. I don’t feel very confident with the situation. I woke up feeling like crap today due to having a migraine (also may have a cold because my sinuses are bunged up). I will do a covid test just in case but at one point we all have to start trusting that we just have a cold without using tests. I have snapped hair all on one side too. I don’t know why it does that. The other side is fine. This is exactly why I can’t dye my hair (well bleach mostly). I want my hair lighter so I have to make the sacrifice. I wouldn’t mind but I only bleached it once recently. I didn’t keep redoing it. I always tie the ends at the sides away from my face to prevent breakages. Stress probably doesn’t help. I have gained a load of weight since I got really stressed about having to move etc.

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