I can’t not see a doctor any longer.

I keep track of my monthlies due to issues I have had and still get sometimes. Well, this months they are acting really odd. They started off spotting and I assumed that this is all I was going to get… wrong, without going into too much detail it went into flood mode 2 days ago. I have managed to control it with medication but that didn’t do much. I have now been on nearly a week and should normally be near the end of the cycle now. It is showing no sign of that ending yet. It is still acting like it is on the 2nd or 3rd day. I am that bloated that I look pregnant. I am getting pains like there is going to be another flood (women reading this will know that feeling). I can’t go on like this anymore… it was getting more controlled but now it has gone absolutely insane. I got that tired I could barely keep my eyes open yesterday for most of the day to the point I was effectively stuck to my bed for hours. That must mean that my iron levels are low. If I take supplements to bring it back up then these symptoms get ten times worse and it gets painful. The GP has fobbed me off for years but I have had enough of it when it decides to be this way.

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