I am having an awful night.

I haven’t been able to sleep because of my monthly being uncomfortable. I feel so awful … it has made up for behaving itself over the last few days. I definitely won’t be doing much today. I am hoping that it passes so that I can go the gym tomorrow. I need to get back to routine as soon as possible or my progress will get ruined. I think my muscles are still going through the firming up process after my last work out. I worked them harder than ever before last week due to fitting 3 sessions in rather than my normal 2. I am still getting random twinges in my muscles and since I felt those I feel firmer. I am finding things that I previously lifted feel lighter now I have built the weights that I do at the gym. I found it harder to build up my arm strength than my legs. The leg strengthening part prevents my legs feeling tired so easily on walks. I can comfortably walk further than I ever could since building my strength at the gym. I have managed to walk for nearly 4 hours on one occasion a few weeks ago. I only started aching in the last hour of that walk. It is normally my lower back that decides to start aching rather than my legs. I am proud of my progress but need to stop ruining it consuming alcohol. I have stopped drinking again for now but my will power is not strong. It is just a matter of time before I end up drinking every evening again.

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